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Car Cleaning Duster

Model: MCB-093
car carpet brush has a long, hard and specially treated fibers bristles that removes dust and dirt easily from surfacesCan be used to clean carpets, mats, home interiors, car seats, sofa covers etcIt can be used to even delicate surfaces as it does not scratch or damage themA wooden handle can be gr..
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Model: MCB-URC-001
A  Upholstery cleaner for stains on your sofa or fabric. If you have your Car, Upholstery Cleaner is a must-have for yours. Not only does it rid your beautiful upholstery off the unwanted stains, it also adds a layer of protective anti-soiling agents on your furniture, so the next time some spi..
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Model: MCB-GC008
Bishop Glass Cleaner not simply removes dust and dirt but moreover gives two times extra Shine than usual cleaners across shiny & glass surfaces. It is great for Car Glass. Car Window, Car Mirrors, ..
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Model: MCB-DBS004
Bishop Dashboard sprays polish Vehicle Interior ShinerEasy to use please try to apply on Shine surface or clean surface before applying and always recap after use. Car Shiner..
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Model: MCB-VLP006
Bishop Vinyl Car Leather Polish. leather and plastic polish with uv guard offers a strong and lasting level of protection against fading, discoloration and cracking of leather, plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces from prolonged exposure to uv rays while also helping to restore and maintain the natura..
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Model: MCB-CC-034
Can be used both in car and home, Adopt of hard brush, stronger clean effectuse, car care, home cleaning or other multi-cleaning purposesFeatures: Size : 43X 32X 0.2 cmColor as per Stock AvailabilityIn The Box 1pcs CLEAN CHAM..
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Model: MCB-052
 is ergonomically designed for your car cleaning requirements. has a 12.5 watt motor which is highly efficient in getting rid of the dust and dirt inside your car. includes Crevice tool (long), Crevice tool (short), Pouch, Fabric brush and Carpet brush accessories. ACV1205 has a double action f..
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Model: MCB-CC-002
Blast Away All Those Dirty Jobs! This Water Cannon HG-265 combines the power of a pressure washer with the convenience of a hose in one easy-to-use design! The HG-265 Water Cannon attaches to any garden hose and features eight spray settings designed to help you get the right spray for every job! Wi..
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Model: MCB-CC-001
It easily retains oil making it good for wiping fingerprints from polished metallic surface Soft and smooth feeling, resistant to bacteriaMade of synthetic chamois material, which has limited water absorption. This cloth acts like a squeegee and pushes water off your vehicle. Make sure that dust par..
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Model: MCB-055
High Performance Replacement Wiper Blade,  Aveo, Beat, Tavera / Ford Fiesta, Figo, Fusion, Ikon / Hyundai Sonata, Verna. These wiper blades are equipped with graphite coating to ensure smoother wiping and this comes with a pre-mounted Quick-Clip adapter for ease of installation...
Ex Tax:₹260.00
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